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Healy Boy -> Problem with colours in SPWAW (6/13/2006 9:40:52 PM)

when I am playing SPWAW the screen keeps changing into different colours, mainly pinks and purples. quite psychadelic. Is there anything I can do to remedy this[&:]

m10bob -> RE: Problem with colours in SPWAW (6/18/2006 6:55:02 AM)

SP was developed approx 10 yrs ago and was never intended for the advances on computers which have occurred. Matrixgames was a pioneer in converting the game (as SPWAW) to run in Windows, but with each new OS, the "color bug" has appeared as a common irritant.
Try the following
1.Use a computer with Windows 98 (or older).
2. Turn off any pop up blockers.
3. Make sure you are not running other programs in the background.
4. Make sure to continually update all your drivers.

The color problem is NOT an error of Matrixgames, just an inherited limitation of an old program which has a strong following.

freddiefly -> RE: Problem with colours in SPWAW (10/17/2006 10:44:03 PM)

I generally only ever encountered this problem when I had a screensaver of desktop wallpaper changer active in the background. Turning these off usually made the problem go away. ALT-TAB out of SPWAW and back in will restore the colours.

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