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BYU 14 -> Request for Shaun (5/31/2006 9:24:10 AM)

There is only one thing missing in this Game for me and that is the number of Innings and Complete games in the Deadball era.  I have played around with the XML file and tweaked pitcher endurance, Pinch hitting and Hook, but it still seems the AI Pinch hits far too much, even after the latest patch.  Is there anyway Shaun do either release instructions on what setting we can change to get innings for the top Pitchers in the Deadball era over 300 and increase CG to 20+ for most Starters??  I love the features and am totally getting immersed in the Game, but this lingering issue with the DB era pitching is just taking a little away for me.

Even better any chance of a Deadball era "Module" that would address this? 


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