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JVega -> Newbie (3/6/2006 4:53:03 AM)

Hey all. :)

Although I've been playing this game for just under a year, I like to classify myself as a newbie, especially since I've only played PBEM like three or four times, and I'm looking for an opponent that doesn't mind playinga newbie. I'm especially looking for those that can offer constructive criticism to my tactics!

I'm looking to play primarily smaller scales battles, focused on infantry, not arty-AFV's-airstrikes or whatever. I love games with points ranging from 300-1500, especially with INF only or other house rules, but I'll gladly play higher point battles, but I'd like to point out that anything beyond 2500+ will leave me confused and beaten before we even begin the battle. :P

I'll play any nation at any time too, but prefer nations with good elite infantry units. Beyond that.. no real preferences.


Using SPWAW 8.4, no mods. Have AIM, MSN and e-mail of course. I also have SPMBT if that's your thing. :P

Swamprat -> RE: Newbie (3/6/2006 4:18:31 PM)

That sounds like a good idea. I'm all for playing an infantry only battle. Some infantry units come with mortars attached - how do you want to handle that issue?

I'm happy with the size of game that you prefer. I'll let you set it up so that you get what you are happy with.

In my other function as 'instructor' on forums I do give feedback and criticism for Academy Graduate games. You'll have to let me know just how far you want me to go. But I'm sure I can give you something that you can use.

My email is

I've got 8.4, but if we choose that I'd prefer a nation with 60exp or more. Unless the Nation Settings are turned off, the 'minor' nations are pretty unplayable. Great to play when experience levels are set at a custom level however. Let me know what all your preferences are and we'll work out a good setting and period.


JVega -> RE: Newbie (3/6/2006 10:28:55 PM)

Sorry about not having replied to you yet! I keep having problems replying through GMail, so I'll do it here. :)

Mortars I've got no problem with! I'm not very good at using them properly, but I haven't got anything against them. Though! I got to admit, I don't know how to set experience levels, so it might be for the best if you'd host the game and set them to a playable level. :) In fact, if you don't mind, I'd like to request my side being the Americans or the Germans, either is fine (pref on Americans), and the map having at least a little urbanisation, since I like city fighting.

Does that sound good?

Swamprat -> RE: Newbie (3/7/2006 12:21:47 AM)

That sounds fine. You play US and I'll play German.

How about 1000pts on a small map. No vehicles, aircraft, artillery, mines or infiltrators. Just infantry, with say one platoon (4-5) of 81mm mortars and no ammo lorries? 1983?

The exp levels of US and German are fine as they are, so you can set it up if you want. If you want me to set it up, give me your email address and I'll look for a suitable map.

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