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markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/6/2006 1:19:19 PM)

5,000 hits. That IS a lot of hits. I hadn't noticed before. As I told Punsiher in another forum, we are in a non-screen shot stage right now. Specifically, that means we have piut in some rather ugkly icons to test new features, and also decifer when the computer thinks a units has acted. When we 1) take out the debug icons, and 2) pretty up the ones that are staying, I'll post new screens.

An interesting aside, CLnL (officially titled Heroes of Stalingrad) has features not present in the boardgame. Now, don't worry, it's IS the boardgame only made better. For example, if an enemy unit is NOT in your LOS (or hidden) it isn't displayed on the board. Also, the game includes flanking fire. If a hex receives fire from two, non-adjacent hexsides in a single Operations Phase, the second (and subsequent fire) receives an additional (1) firepower. It's cool, neat, and realistic, but might be a bit fiddly for the boardgame.

I'll  give you guys more frequent updates, but don't forget to check out



ravinhood -> RE: PC version? (9/10/2006 2:56:36 PM)

Hey it's Sept. where's the game? I'm almost certain I read that it should be out by Sept of this my game. ;)

Punisher -> RE: PC version? (9/10/2006 7:28:29 PM)

Hey Ravinhood,

I started a new forum for the PC Game LnL its official title is now” Heroes of Stalingrad"
This is where Mark has been hanging out answering questions so check it out here-->

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/11/2006 1:33:39 PM)


Hey it's Sept. where's the game? I'm almost certain I read that it should be out by Sept of this my game. ;)

From what I understand, your's is on the way. You sent us a check, correct?

ravinhood -> RE: PC version? (9/12/2006 2:13:05 PM)


ORIGINAL: markhwalker


Hey it's Sept. where's the game? I'm almost certain I read that it should be out by Sept of this my game. ;)

From what I understand, your's is on the way. You sent us a check, correct?

Of course, you know the ole saying right? "Checks in the mail". ;)

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/15/2006 9:45:56 PM)


Checks in the mail
So's the game, my friend. Guys... new screens by 9/20. That's a promise.

ravinhood -> RE: PC version? (9/18/2006 4:31:39 AM)

Lol Mark you don't know my address, but, I know Matrixgames. ;) At any rate looking forward to the new screenshots and the game. I didn't get your boardgame of course, but, I most certainly will get the computer version. So much like "Squad Leader" looking to me. Even though you say it's not like Squad Leader. lol Well, it has some simularities at least. ;) It's the counters, colors and the maps that mostly remind me of Squad Leader. Even if the play isn't like it. ;) And if modding the maps is a possiblity I think I can mod the Squad Leader maps and scenarios in easy enough.

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/18/2006 3:49:04 PM)


It's the counters, colors and the maps that mostly remind me of Squad Leader.
Argh! You're breaking my heart. The day ASL's stick men look like the vibrant squads in LnL, I'll hang up my design hat.


AnglePark -> RE: PC version? (9/18/2006 9:17:08 PM)

Mark - I know it may be too early to ask, but will Heroes of Stalingrad also be produced as a boardgame?  I sure hope so.

Also, just to alleviate some of your pain (and garner some brownie points so you'll answer my question faster), your game doesn't look like SL at all - it's head and shoulders above any of the tactical-level games out there.  At least the leader counters are - quite literally (since that's what they depict) - head and shoulders above the competition...

(I can already hear the boos and hisses.)

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/18/2006 9:23:34 PM)

Yep, boo and hiss.

It's possible that HoS will see the carboard boardgame light of day, but isn't currently planned.



AnglePark -> RE: PC version? (9/18/2006 10:57:45 PM)

Thanks for the quick reply, and I would have been disappointed if you hadn't have booed that terrible joke.  [;)]

The game really is TONS nicer than any other tactical-level game, gameplay and visually.  The only "complaint" I've had from the go are the white borders around the hexes.  I think it detracts from the amazing artwork on the boards, but that's just my opinion (which isn't worth very much).  I would have rather seen VERY subtle hexes so the art was much more prevelant.

Keep up the good work, and keep the great games coming!

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/19/2006 5:59:37 PM)


The only "complaint" I've had from the go are the white borders around the hexes.

Yep, heard that one before.


but that's just my opinion (which isn't worth very much)

Your opinion is worth as much as anyone else's, inclucing mine.[;)]

stevel40831 -> RE: PC version? (9/19/2006 10:11:17 PM)


markhwalker "Guys... new screens by 9/20. That's a promise."

Looking forward to seeing them!


markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 6:09:41 PM)

It's 9/20...

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 6:10:38 PM)


markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 6:11:28 PM)


markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 6:12:13 PM)


markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 6:13:34 PM)

BTW, none of those are doctored images, or just .jpgs placed on a map. Those are ALL actual in-game, screens.

Oh, I gotta get one more.

Punisher -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 6:27:32 PM)

Holy Cow these are FANTASTIC Mark!! Where do i put my order in I'm ready to buy!!!

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 6:29:34 PM)

Oops, it's just too hard to time it. What I wanted to show was a mortar barrage. When you attack a unit with a mortar WT, you actually see the explosions and smoke in the hex. The game truly is an exciting combination of the traditional, and some new thinking.



stevel40831 -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 7:27:47 PM)

This is outstanding, can't wait to own it!

wodin -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 7:33:21 PM)

love the tracers!

JeF -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 7:33:40 PM)

Nice. It looks very good. [8D]

The wooden table, the dices and, if I'm not mistaken, the joint between two maps (4th shot, between Line 8 and 1) ! These are very nice touches.


markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 8:05:59 PM)

Well, the joint is probably soimething that will go away. We do, however, design the scenarios just like we did in the board game... by fitting geomorphic maps together.



stevel40831 -> RE: PC version? (9/20/2006 11:41:43 PM)

Ok... I'll be the geek... what's going on with the "little girl" with the teddy bear?! Movement rate of 2, morale of 4.... is it:

1. Units cannot fire into or through a hex containing her?
2. Only SS units can fire into or through a hex containing her and her teddy bear and if she's KIA, all units within line-of-sight must make a morale check?
3. Someone gets VPs for escorting her back home to hex G3?

Can she become a "hero"?

If she is killed, can another unit pick up her teddy bear?

If a German unit moves adjacent, do you flip the marker and it is revealed that this is an elite Cossack cross-dresser hero counter?

Ahhhh... such possibilities!


stanguay -> RE: PC version? (9/21/2006 3:49:58 AM)

Mark, is there a way for us to turn in/off the "speech" element, like the one emanating from the German soldier in your first shot ? I am not too fond of these myself but some may enjoy it and having the capability to turn them on/off would please everybody :-)

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/21/2006 4:16:47 AM)


in/off the "speech" element

Nope, it's part of the story line.

benpark -> RE: PC version? (9/21/2006 5:30:47 AM)

Mark, is there a scenario editor for user created games?

ravinhood -> RE: PC version? (9/21/2006 10:23:07 AM)

Mark I must say I am impressed with the screenshots and for the first time in a long time anxiously await a dam game to be released. lol You know that means a lot coming from this guy. haha If the AI is challenging I will broadcast this game around the internet at all my favorite spots. ;) I'll just tell them it's simular to "Squad Leader" hahahahahah

Note: What's with the little girl and the teddy bear? This is quite something new in the wargame dept.

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (9/21/2006 3:59:42 PM)

When the Germans assault Kalach to capture the bridge crossing, they come across a refugee hiding in one of the houses. The girl is frightened and runs randomely from Germans and Soviets alike. If fire passes **through** her hex she must take a MC, just like any other unit. If she fails it, she dies. The Germans try to keep her alive, the Soviets don't care either way (in reality neither side would give a damn, but this scenario is part of the German campaign, so they are wearing the white hats). If the German leader enters her hex, she'll stay with him. I'll have an AVI loaded later that will show all this stuff.



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