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markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/15/2006 4:20:49 PM)


Advanced Squad Leader-level realism

You must have meant "Lock 'n Load-level realism." [;)] ASL isn't realistic, just detailed.

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/15/2006 4:36:53 PM)

A screen of the editor in beta.


Punisher -> RE: PC version? (5/15/2006 6:08:16 PM)

Ok Mark I'm in, this game looks Great! I really like the two features of the turrets that actually spin and the Shadowed units that are not spotted yet by the Germans. Great work lets play!

Keep the screen Shots Coming.


benpark -> RE: PC version? (5/15/2006 11:44:30 PM)

Odd, I could see the earlier screen a few days ago-now I cannot. Want to see that editor screenie!

benpark -> RE: PC version? (5/16/2006 6:49:07 AM)

Ah, there it is. Looking truly excellent.

I hope there will be some urban(Budapest, Berlin and Stalingrad) and winter maps. The more specific some of the urban maps, the better-ie. the grain elevator or the central rail station in Stalingrad. If not, are the maps mod-able? I'll have plenty of fodder for a "Spring Awakening" mod when I get back from Balaton in a month.

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/16/2006 12:44:12 PM)

The two campaigns cover the battle for Stalingrad. Specific landmarks may be included, but scaled for enjoyment. See the original Squad Leader rules for explanation.



stevel40831 -> RE: PC version? (5/16/2006 8:50:11 PM)


Don't suppose you have a screenshot of combat results? For example, will we get this kind of detail?:

Hex G4 fires on hex E3.
Primary squad = 2 Firepower
Additional squad @ 1/2 = 1 Firepower
M1919A6 Machine Gun = 2 Firepower
Leadership Bonus = 0

Result = 1d6 + 5

Die Roll = 4


Target Modifier Light Woods = +1

Result = 1d6 + 1

Die Roll = 4



and so on... I'm sure you understand my question! Thanks, can't wait for this one!


JeF -> RE: PC version? (5/16/2006 11:22:19 PM)

Very nice screenshots. Thanks for the pics Mark.

I was very skeptical about the transposition of the boardgame to the computer, but it looks like you're going the right way, using the computer where it can help, avoiding cluttering the screen by unecessary counters and keeping the essence of the game. That must be a tough balance.


ORIGINAL: markhwalker
3. Look at the shadowed Soviets in the building. Enemy units that are within your LOS, but not spotted are shadowed. Units that are not within LOS are simply not placed on the map.

[&:] Hidden units then ?
Now what about the stack inspection interface ... [;)]



markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/17/2006 12:25:36 AM)

The Soviet Hero fires on the approaching Germans. This is what is looks like:

Here's what it's like: You double-click the Hero and then left-click the German stack. A PPD-40 chatters (yeah, we have the sound effects)s, and tracers stream from the Soviet toward the Germans. Our animated die fall from an unseen hand, and clatter to the table. After they stop, the game whisks them over to the display panel on the left. All the pertinent modifiers are added/subtracted, and the toatal given. The the German presses the space bar to roll the opposed die. Modifiers are added (and displayed), and compared to the original roll. If a DC is required the German may roill, heroes may be generated , and skill cards assigned.

benpark -> RE: PC version? (5/17/2006 7:27:06 AM)

Looking real cool, Mark (and Co.). Finally a board game being done right for the computer-straight, no chaser.

A few questions:

Will there be rules for snow conditions and/or extreme weather? Maps with snow conditions?

Marc noted that graphical changes were do-able, but the maps will be where this will be a modders dream. Will new user-made maps (hand drawn, no doubt) be possible?

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/17/2006 1:07:42 PM)


computer-straight, no chaser.

Ben, I know you mean that as a compliment, and I thank you, but I can promise that this game will have more innovations than any turn-based game I can remember. I hope that with 35 years of board game experience and 20 years of computer game experience I know how to meld the two.

Yeah, I don't see any reason you can't make your own maps. In fact, I'll make sure we make the template available. Yes, there will be maps with snow. The German campaign stretches from September to their surrender.



markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/17/2006 1:08:55 PM)

BTW, I've always thought that Busey's quote would read better as "Fear is the devil's darkroom."

benpark -> RE: PC version? (5/17/2006 4:01:22 PM)

There's no corralling Busey's liguistic horseys. Jus' let 'em ride.

And yes, a compliment it was(by a very tired guy). I am sure there will be plenty of extra goodies.

Punisher -> RE: PC version? (5/19/2006 10:33:58 PM)

This game when finally released I'm sure will have a ton of people working on all sorts of Mod's. Glad to hear you will have single player games included with the campaigns.
You have any more screen shots we can drool over?


markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/23/2006 12:29:29 PM)


You have any more screen shots we can drool over?

Soon... I'm waiting on a new map.



markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/23/2006 12:35:29 PM)

Ah, what the heck.

JeF -> RE: PC version? (5/23/2006 10:41:43 PM)


ORIGINAL: markhwalker
Our animated die fall from an unseen hand, and clatter to the table.

I forgot to ask previously : do you foresee a nice video effect with counter shaking as the dices fall on the table ? And will we hear them ?

And what about cat attacks ? Will they be simulated ?


markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/24/2006 1:13:50 PM)

Yeah, the dice sound just like dice... and no cats ever bother my games. I have a long-standing, and well-founded, dislike of cats.

wodin -> RE: PC version? (5/25/2006 12:53:06 PM)

I seam to remember you where going to add some animations. I know the turrets are animated. Will their be tracer fire when you shoot? Will their be explosions from grenades/arty? Can buildings be destroyed? If so will the building graphic change?

I want the game to play like the boardgame but I also want to see the PC power used aswell. So far it looks like a straight port.

Marc von Martial -> RE: PC version? (5/25/2006 3:29:22 PM)


ORIGINAL: markhwalker

I have a long-standing, and well-founded, dislike of cats.

I see we not only share the forename [;)]

Below is the only cats I like


Punisher -> RE: PC version? (5/27/2006 12:37:54 AM)

Hey Mark thanks for the new screenshots! I sure love the way the AFV counters look. Do you also have a counter for a unit that has gone Berserk because he has taken to many shots and their is no leader to rally him?


markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (5/30/2006 5:25:20 PM)

There is no beserk rule per se in LnL. The system, however, has handled that in a multitude of ways in past scenarios.

Straight port...

Wodin you will see things in this game that you have NEVER seen in a turn-based war game before. I mean NEVER, EVER.

I know where the balance is. [:)]

Marc, yeah I'm also a fan of big cats. I don't really mind the small cats, it's just that I don't want to own any. They are untrainable and make the house smelly.



Punisher -> RE: PC version? (6/1/2006 4:08:16 PM)

Mark, Thank you for watching this forum and responding so quickly to all the interest in the PC Game! This game sure looks like a must have for anyone that has played a WWII boardgame or has been playing WWII Turn based PC Games. Keep the screen shots coming if you can so we can dream of playing this game someday soon....


jeffthewookiee -> RE: PC version? (6/1/2006 4:39:16 PM)

Is there any hope of Forgotten Heroes being reprinted? It seems really hard to come by now.

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (6/4/2006 12:37:48 PM)


Is there any hope of Forgotten Heroes being reprinted? It seems really hard to come by now.

Sure is. I own the rights to the game/art/etc, and I must admit that the FH scenarios are some of my favorites... not that they are any better than BoH, because they aren't, it's just that my personal preference is for modern-type battles. I've discussed this with Matrix and they are very receptive to the idea. It won't, however, be the next LnL module you see.
More computer game screenies this week.



Punisher -> RE: PC version? (6/6/2006 2:28:12 AM)

Mark I will stand by my computer monitor and wait for your New LnL Screenies coming this week.


ravinhood -> RE: PC version? (6/6/2006 7:36:48 AM)

It may not be Squad Leader, but, it sure looks like Squad Leader to me. ;) I can't wait to get my hands on this computer version. WoW I actually will be buying two RETAIL games this year. ;) Panzer Command by Koios is the other one. ;) Hrmmm, maybe 3 forgot about Sid Meiers "Railroads" is suppose to come out this year too. Two are a long ways away though. Panzer Command is just around the corner I am told.

markhwalker -> RE: PC version? (6/7/2006 1:26:31 PM)



It may not be Squad Leader

Nope, nothing like it. ASL players often have a hard time adapting to LnL's realism.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to Panzer Command too. I'm a huge fan of Tin Soldiers, and the folks at Koios. They are one of my favorite developers.[&o]

Meier's Railroads will no doubt be good, I'm just not into the whole railroad thing. Although I did like the scene in Risky Business. [;)]



wodin -> RE: PC version? (6/8/2006 1:58:59 PM)

Seems to be coming along quite nicely. Whats the time scale on the game. This summer or are we looking at Xmas?

ravinhood -> RE: PC version? (6/10/2006 9:13:03 AM)

X-mas 200? ;)

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