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Ichibrothers -> Made these maps a LONG time ago..... (1/20/2006 2:45:37 AM)

Made them from a custom Juno Beach map for Close Combat V. It was the first CC conversion I ever did because it was such a cool looking map, I couldn't pass up the chance to try making it workable for LnL. They've been on my computer for quite some time, and just on a whim I plugged them into the BoH Vassal module today. The originals where half the size of the BoH maps, so I had to enlarge them to make them fit into the BoH mod. Still looks pretty good though....

Get the file here:

Extract the file and place the resulting Juno.mdx file in your BoH_ext folder. For those of you not up on Vassal extensions.....wherever you have your BoH.mod file stored on your hardrive, create a new folder in that directory called BoH_ext (note the underscore...not a dash). Place any .mdx files you have in that folder and they will load up at the same time as BoH. A neat way to add new content to the module without having to replace the whole thing.

I made these maps long before BoH was concieved of, so while they may not fit with Airborne operations in Normandy, they could still make for a gritty scenario maybe using the Glider troops to represent regular line troops who stormed the beaches.

Terrain....well, whatever players agree on. Perhaps a blind hex at the seawall with the inland portion a half a level higher then the beach. Maybe a little slope so that you can see from the beach up to say, the road that runs east and west? You guys are experienced players and can come up with something.

Scenario..not my specialty. Maybe three squads per landing of 18 squads? After setting up, maybe one round of pre-game combat to relect the situation just as the ramps are about to drop? Or maybe the pre-game turn would start with the ramps down and all the squads setup in the LC or within one hex of them....then a round of combat to set the stage? How about a little Naval support? A dedicated Destroyer off-shore providing a little close-in support? Maybe until the first troops reach the seawall? Sure one of you guys can come up with a generic Beach Landing secnario....

Anyway, enjoy.



Marc von Martial -> RE: Made these maps a LONG time ago..... (1/20/2006 2:23:10 PM)

Hehe, I remember the gritty fights on this map playing CC V [;)]

fulgar -> RE: Made these maps a LONG time ago..... (1/28/2006 6:21:35 PM)

thx for this beautiful map

wodin -> RE: Made these maps a LONG time ago..... (1/28/2006 8:43:58 PM)


ORIGINAL: Marc Schwanebeck

Hehe, I remember the gritty fights on this map playing CC V [;)]

Me to.........

Thats series hasnt been beat yet as far as your standard RTS goes.

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