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Erik Rutins -> Battleground Europe Deploys Snipers! (1/11/2006 5:26:27 PM)

New Class Brings New Dangers in combat!

Matrix Games and Playnet ( are pleased to announce that the first person shooter and massive multiplayer game Battleground Europe ( has brought a new class into the virtual battlefield; the Sniper. This new addition comes hot on the heels of the game’s availability in North America from the Matrix Games store.

The sniper unit is armed with a historically accurate scope that modifies the standard issue rifle. These elite troopers are fast, stealthy, and dangerously accurate. No commander is safe from the crosshairs of a skilled sniper. Due to their limited ammunition, the sniper unit will always be on the move to strike and return to base for re-supply.

The full release in North America provides the latest version and goodies that were included in the European release last month. Enjoy a huge variety of extras, such as a 150-page game manual in electronic form, a combat equipment guide, wallpapers, game music, comics and more! Included is a key for 30 days of FREE play- a $19.99 value!

The Battleground Europe world features over 600 cities and 29,000 buildings. The zoneless map covers 350,000 Km (Over 217,000 miles) of terrain with a whopping 4,000,000 trees. Battles can rage for days and the servers can support thousands of players online simultaneously.

Whether you want to be a British Sharpshooter or a German fighter-pilot, Battleground Europe has an assignment waiting for you. Every soldier can make a visible contribution to the final shape of the battle for Europe!

Battleground Europe is available via the Matrix Games Online Store digital download and game on demand. Pricing is US $19.99 for the immediately available download version and US $29.99 for the boxed version.

Hertston -> RE: Battleground Europe Deploys Snipers! (1/12/2006 2:59:43 AM)

Hmmm... credit I suppose to Cornered Rat for actually avoiding this for the last five years. Anyone who has played WW2OL and a few other military shooters will know why they did.


Agrippa -> RE: Battleground Europe Deploys Snipers! (2/4/2006 10:46:42 PM)

Do they limit the number of snipers?

Erik Rutins -> RE: Battleground Europe Deploys Snipers! (2/4/2006 10:53:12 PM)

Yes, from what I've seen available Snipers are quite limited.


- Erik

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