Advanced Tactics: Gold Developer Chat

Chat Transcript from Sunday (3/27/11)

Sean_Drummy Hey Vic
Vic he sean
Bismarck Hi, guys!
Sean_Drummy Hey Jim!
Sean_Drummy (I'm assuming...)
Bismarck How are you both?
Bismarck Yeah, it's Jim Cobb here.
Vic Hi Jim
Bismarck Vic, congratulations on coming so far!
Vic thanks man
Vic you mean game wise right?
Vic not like staying awake untill 1 a clock :)
Sean_Drummy LOL
Bismarck Right! I still have People's Tactics.
Vic PT :)
Vic i have not played that game for an eternity to be honest. but i guess that does not require explanation
Bismarck LOL!
Vic i mean basicly AT does everything PT did, except for officers
Vic and well the engine is of a whole different level
Vic if i look back at it it sort of feels more like a prototype for AT now
Vic Did you prepare some sharp questions?
Bismarck Sometimes I go back to remember what things were like.
Xaver well, first of all hi
Vic Do you remember Empire Deluxe, Jim?
Bismarck Yes. Whatt does ATG have that AT doesn't?
Xaver maybe
Bismarck Sure, I remember the mainframe version.
Xaver Vic, what do you prefer for a wargame based on ww2, European front, east front or Pacific front?
Vic @jim: its a long list. you can look it up on the product page. core new features are resources and alliances
Bismarck Right.
Xaver alliances... how work this? you have on game a message system?
Vic @xaver: i dont got a very strong preference, but i do not much like pacific war games i must say
Vic @xaver: basicly you can request an alliance or a peace deal and the other player can either accept or ignore it.
Vic also you can send in game messages.
Bismarck So the MP side has been enhanced?
Xaver i see, i like see the ingame messages.
Vic @bism: i think especially for PBEM games the alliances are a great feature
Vic with AT there were quite a number of players who did 3,5 or like 9 player games
Sean_Drummy Yeah Alliances add a whole new level of strategy.
Xaver i like the "pay" system, you can give resources, units and terrain!!!
Sean_Drummy I, for instance, would love to stab people in the back. :-)
Xaver i prefer facepalm on people face ;-)
Sean_Drummy Lost a few friends playing diplomacy as a key. (not really)
Sean_Drummy kid, not key
Bismarck I can see that the basic AT engine is being enhanced and that's great. But have you thought about any new approaches to game design?
Vic @bismarck: basicly ATG is still AT.. there has not been chosen for any revolutionary new direction. a lot of the changes are incremental or optional.
Vic though i have noticed that the adding of extra features like raw materials and oil add a whole new layer of complexity.
IDDQD_3 Yeah can you talk about the resources a bit more?
Vic sure
Vic basicly its very simple
Bismarck I must say I like Decisive Campaigns. Are you planning on more installments in that series?
Vic you have mines and oil wells on the map, if you conquer them they'll produce oil and raw materials for you
Vic raw materials are required to build heavier equipment.
Vic so for instance infantry cost 0 raw, a machinegun 1 raw, but a light tank like 20 raw
Xaver ummm then resources dont need be storage? no? cant capture then after enemy stract then no?
Vic the introduction of raw... thus means players will have a hard time making like tank only armies.. and i liked the fact i saw more realistic army compositions now.
Bismarck Good idea!
Vic @xaver: no basicly they cant be captured. but... as with everything in AT(G) you can make a mod or a scenario in which they will be.
Sean_Drummy Yeah the modability of the game is astounding
jakefont Vic, would ATG appeal to someone with a less groggy background - Civ, Steel Panthers, Age of Rifles? Is there a game (other than your own) that you'd compare it to in terms of complexity?
Vic the engine allows for so much stuff, and i have so little time :)
Xaver i see, is an interesting thing create storages or supply convoys
Vic @bismarck: yes i am planning to return to development of the next dc title after ATG
Xaver hehehe i want ask about new DC title but this is not the place to do it
Vic @jakefont: thats a hard question. i think to be honest that DC is more accesible. ATG has a hard learning curve at the start.
Bismarck Great! I suck at AT but win at DC.
Sean_Drummy Well yes and no, if Vic wants to share some details I'm not going to complain :-)
Vic @jake:... well.. hard for non wargamers
Bill_D Hey Vic, what about ATG are you the most proud of? Like what's your biggest selling point in your opinion?
Bismarck May I make a comparisin?
Vic @bill: most proud of the incremental changes that improve the core selling points of AT... best selling point for ATG on its own: resources, alliances, improved graphics and interface, new random game creator
Vic @bismark: be my guest, jim
Bill_D Roughly how many scenarios do you think have been created for the original AT?
Xaver i think that the human part of the game is the best thing, very few wargames are orientated to something more than a 1VS1
Bismarck I'd say that AT lies somewhere between Empire Deluxe and the Strategic Command series. A non-wargamer should be able to pick up the mechanics easily.
Vic @xaver: yehh.. its been something i always keep in back of my head. i said earlier to bismarck that Empire Deluxe is on of the games i drew inspiration from
jakefont The new features seems to take a lot from the 4x genre. Sounds great.
Vic Also another feature of a small incremental change is for example the combat detail screen. some games hide their calculations because they are to complex. thats the case in AT too, but now if you want to you can check things out in detail.
Xaver ummm like the DC datail screen?
Vic @bismark: yeah... though the HQ nesting, unit creation, transferring, supply and production system are a bit hard on complete newbees i noticed
Vic @jake: yeah i really want to move AT(G) a bit more in that direction.
Bismarck Learning is a good thing.
Vic :)
Vic @xaver: yes exactly.
Sean_Drummy Hey Obsolete
Obsolete :P
Vic @xaver: though in AT(G) its much more usefull since so many scenarios use different rules from the default ones.
jakefont Unfortunately, haven't played Empire Deluxe or Strategic Command. Count me in on ATG though.
Sean_Drummy Hey Vic another random question for you - were there other things you wanted to include but then just found them to be adding too much complexity to the game so you left them out?
Vic hel l yeah
Vic i left out quite a lot
Vic from what i would like to do
Vic if time available was infinite :)
Vic to be honest sean i dont know if i should say this...
Bismarck Variations on Empire are freeware and I think SC has a demo. I know SC WW One does.
Vic but i have already been making tentative plans for a next AT installment in a year or two
Vic notice the word: tentative
Xaver SC have demos for all titles, the WW1 demo is great
Xaver i dont buy the game for the DRM and the only 1VS1 option
Vic things i'd like to eventually add is officers for instance
Sean_Drummy Officers would be awesome
Sean_Drummy If you ever played like Panzer General II for instance, your units could get officers or heroes and they could develop special abilities
Sean_Drummy it was a bit gamey, but so much fun
Vic @sean: other thing i postponed was "models", in which players got to design their own tanks and other trooptypes
Sean_Drummy that would also be very neat i think
oberst_klink wow, what happened? so many ppl?
Sean_Drummy ahistorical sure but adds a massive new layer of strategy
Vic the thing is the engine is already pretty complex as it is and sometimes throwing in everything you can think of... is not the best for gameplay.
Sean_Drummy Aside from space games i don't think there are many strategy games like this with unit design
Bismarck Yes, the clean mechanics were what impressed me about PT.
Sean_Drummy PG is such an awesome game
Xaver i remember now one called... superpower
Sean_Drummy Panzer Corps is shaping up quite nice too. :}
Bismarck World of Tanks will have it at very high levels.
Xaver well, leopard is tier 4 and is a prototype heheh
Vic @sean: gameplay wise the design your own trooptypes sort of clashed with the core feature of AT to mix and make your own unit compositions... it was a bit double up in the same gameplay department.
jakefont Vic, could you give a specific example of a feature where gameplay trumped complexity/historical fidelity? Or vice-versa?
Xaver aja, this is the thing, design your "divisions" type and produce then only with a click and the necessary elements of course
sPzAbt653 Klink !!
Vic @jake: sure... for example raw materials. they are stored in a "global" pool for the regime... ideally their transport and stockpiles would be moddeled in individual hexes... i chose not to do it because the game would be to much of a logistics manager then
Vic @jake: you already have to manage supply and thats enough i thought.
Vic @xaver: maybe one day, but i think i'll experiment a bit more with that in DC first.
Xaver yep, maybe with more details on this part the game ends like a Paradox game like Victoria or the future PoN
oberst_klink test
Vic @xaver: basicly i am going to be using DC for building a system that handles TOEs and automatic reinforcements and stuff.
jakefont Sound very reasonable. Per unit supply bogs me down in BOA2. Liking this more and more . . .
Vic as a designer i must be very watchfull not to overdo it now.. the engine is already becomming a bit top heavy and there for time consuming to add stuff too
Xaver yes, on DC i think that apart the visual problems (the highlight for example) the non reinforce is the only problem
Xaver for early battles game is ok but on east front... here reserves were important
Vic the scenarios in Warsaw to Paris are luckily played out in such a small time frame that i think it doesnt matter that much. but i am planning to move to a theater where the core scenario can stretch close to a year. here it is a must have.
Xaver ummm sounds interesting, first thing i think is Barbarrosa second... Africa campaign
Vic @xavier: i hope to tell a bit more on next DC title in a month or two
Xaver thanks, sorry for this offtopic but i think that people are reading the second part of the ATG AAr hehehe
jakefont One vote for Africa!
Bismarck Very enjoyable, guys. I'll logpff now so Vic can get some sleep.
Xaver yep
Vic nice to have seen you bismarck
Xaver good night
Vic jim
Sean_Drummy Yeah thanks for coming by!
jakefont Thanks Vic!
Xaver i return to bed, i have a bunnys platoon waiting for me ;-)
Sean_Drummy I know some people just arrived, any questions for Vic?
Vic :) good for u
Xaver bye
Haudrauf1962 I have a quetsions about aircraft carriers
Vic sure shoot
Haudrauf1962 in the old game it took forver to get them resupplied and repaired
Haudrauf1962 so I gave up using them
Haudrauf1962 any new behaviour in at gold
Haudrauf1962 ?
Vic mmm... i havent made any changes to that aspect of the game. but it should be a question of just putting their unit in a port hex under supply
Vic and they cannot get dammaged
Haudrauf1962 that is waht i did
Vic actually nothing can get dammaged except locations in AT(G)
Haudrauf1962 then it must have been supply
Haudrauf1962 or the plabes on the carrier
Vic well.... it could be multiple things... but most probably it was the fact you had not enough supply points in your hqs
Haudrauf1962 mean planes
Haudrauf1962 ok, maybe I did something wrong
Sean_Drummy Anyone else?
Vic posting a screenshot of your issue in the forums will help
Vic have to see the situation so to say
Haudrauf1962 it was more than a year ago in a random game, just remembered that the isue was bugging me then and I even asked in the forum, but got noreply
Haudrauf1962 not a big deal anyway - at was already a great game
Haudrauf1962 looking forward to the improvd version
Vic any other questions or wishes?
Haudrauf1962 thanks and good luck with the release
Vic thanks
Sean_Drummy Yeah Thanks much Vic!